Steve Cunningham

Musical Timeline





I appeared on the TV show “Morgus the Magnificent”.


I got a degree in computer science from the University of New Orleans.


Time Zone &

The Show

The band “Time Zone” included Bobby Fonseca, Damon Shea, Chuck Phillips and me. “The Show” was a multi-media stage collaboration between Time Zone and Steve Sweet that was performed throughout New Orleans.

1978 -1980

Music From Nancy

“Music From Nancy” was staged performance art based on the comic strip “Nancy”. It was created by Steve Sweet, Jesse Poimboeuf, and Steve Cunningham. It premiered at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans on November 3, 1979. Other performances included the New Orleans Museum of Art, the Fort Worth Art Museum, and The Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C.


I got a degree in music theory and composition from the University of New Orleans.

1974 - 1978


I was in the band Tonewhop, with Tim Youngblood, Bob Fonseca, Jesse Poimboeuf and Don Wightkin and Greg Piccolo. Tonewhop was a cover band, but did release a couple of singles.

1972 - 1974

Calhoun Players Guild

I was a member of the Calhoun Players Guild, a group of friends who put on elaborate toy theater productions, including musical scores.

1970 - 1971

The Ritz Hotel

I was in the band The Ritz Hotel, with Clark Vreeland, Tim Youngblood, Tom Youngblood, Reggie Scanlan, and Becky Kury.


The Water

In my senior year of high school I was in a band called “The Water”. I played guitar and sang. We played live on TV on “New Orleans Night People” in 1969, where we backed up Harry the Singing Mailman

singing “Mustang Sally”.


Newton Junior High Choir